My name is Remy Cavat and I arrived in Greece in 2008.
My mother lives in Corsica, and since a very young age with my stepfather, I used to explore all the coves of this beautiful island.
Music, boating, as well as freediving, are among my favorite activities.
After working in various big tourist French agencies in Greece, I took some time away from this market; seeing only the pursuit of financial profit over the environment and the Greeks people.

This is where navigation appeared to me as being the best alternative. Sailing in this beautiful archipelago is a real pleasure: slowly, enjoying the landscapes, mooring in secluded bays, bathing and tasting fresh food from authentic tavernas!
And all this with respect for the sea and its ecosystem.
We are not on a “speed boat”, the sailboat goes slowly…
So, I started studying and getting the necessary permits to practice as a skipper in Greece and I began to work into yacht charters, first as a second, then as the main skipper. I now know the Greek Islands very well and am completely in love with them.
Sharing this passion with you, is everytime a huge pleasure for me!
Because these sailing holidays are also a very human adventure!







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