A two-week Odyssey around lush islands and turquoise waters.
If you are lucky, you might get escorted by dolphins and sea turtles.

Two weeks in the Ionian Sea

This Odyssey in the South Ionian Sea is mostly a coastal sailing itinerary with many  moorings in beautiful turquoise-water bays.

You will find peace and quiet on the small islands of Kalamos and Kastos, as well as Ithaca. The small ports of Cephalonia will make you discover its beautiful villages and its proud and happy inhabitants of the island.

Finally, on the island of Zante you will have the opportunity to visit the beach of the sinking, a beach known worldwide that you have probably already seen in postcard.

You will most likely encounter the banks of dolphins or the sea turtle Caretta which is very present in this region.

A hint can be avoided the high season, because many are the boat tenants who are looking to discover this little corner of paradise.

Embarkation in Lefkas: The Marina of Lefkas, one of the largest in Greece, organized and with all the services nearby. Be careful by taking the channel to the South, well stay in the Middle so as not to touch the bottom. If you plan to sail to the North, know that the bridge, ready of the medieval castle Sainte Lavra, opens every hour.

Lefkas, Nidri: a first small navigation to the protected Bay of Nidri. You can moor at the port or stay at anchor, facing several very green islands, including Skorpios which was the private island of the Onassis family. A little further South, there is a complex of small islands, such as Arkoudi, Kastos and Meganissi, where you can stop at the small ports of Spartochori and Vathi.

Fiskardo, Cephalonia: then, continuing southwards, we arrive in Fiscardo, beautiful village of sinners, very picturesque, perhaps the most beautiful of the Ionian Islands. It is also a pretty cosmopolitan Marina where you can eat fresh fish and seafood. In high season, it is advisable to go there early in order to find a place in the harbor.

ASSOS, Cephalonia: on the West coast of the island of Cephalonia, Assos was founded under Venetian domination. One of the largest castles in Greece is built on the peninsula drowned in pinewoods and olive groves. His wonderful pastel-colored houses are reminiscent of Italian villages. This quaint little village is a real joy for the eyes and the spirit.

Argostoli, Cephalonia: it is the capital of the island of Cephalonia with a Bay and Harbor very well protected. At the end of the Bay, to the East of the city lies the lagoon Koutavos. Opposite is the rival village, Lixouri, of the municipality of Paliki, which some proclaim to be the true Ithaca of Homer. Whatever the village you visit, enjoy tasting the local wine, they produce little, but it is very good. Moreover, if you find yourself there during the month of August, you can attend the Rombola Wine Festival which takes place every year.

Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos: a beautiful navigation to the island of Zante and you arrive directly on the beach of the famous shipwreck. During the day, there are boats that come to spend the day, but if you go early in the morning or late at night, you will have all that wild beauty for you. If the conditions are not favorable, there is Porto Vromi, in the South, a small secret Cove but very well protected from the North wind. The West side of Zakynthos is very wild and very beautiful.

Keri Beach, Zakynthos: in the great Bay of Laganas, in the Southwest, is the village of Keri. You can spend one evening at anchor, the Fund is sandy and quite deep. Many fishing boats are moored on the small Wharf and bring fresh fish every morning.

Agios Nikolaos, Zakynthos: the small port of Agios Nikolaos in the North of the island, offers a wharf for some boaters who do not seek luxury. A ferry makes the round trip to the beach of the sinking and Pesada on the island of Cephalonia. It is a well-protected port with the island of Saint Nicholas that protects you. An alternative is to moor at the main port of Zakynthos, very well protected, very large and well animated. A walk to the top of the Hill or you will find once again a Venetian castle. Indeed, the Ionian Islands have undergone a great influence from their Western neighbors, and you will often see on the sailboats the Italian Pavilion.

Poros, Cephalonia: a small peaceful and very green village. You can moor on the small Wharf but watch out for the ferry. If conditions permit, just behind the small port is a beach where it is possible to anchor.

Kastos: a little further South, there is a complex of small islands, such as Arkoudi, Kastos and Meganissi, where you can stop at the small ports of Spartochori and Vathi.  Whether it’s a sailboat or a catamaran you’ll be doing quiet cabotage along the picturesque islands and villages.

Kalamos: this island is in the protected nature reserve of the Ionian Sea. So, open your eyes well, because there are many dolphins, sea turtles and other marine animals. In any case, the beauty of nature will not disappoint you. Here, the shades of blue from the sea and the sky mix with the green of the hills.

Palairos: a fishing village on mainland Greece, but with a rich history in antiquity during the period of Mycenes and ruins of more than 2000 years. At your choice, a Bay or a small port well protected from the wind.

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