A sailing trip along beautiful coasts and
discoveries of medieval charming villages.

One week in the North Ionian Sea

This one-week navigation allows you to visit idyllic beaches and bays, as well as fortress towns, where you can feel the Venetian influence strongly.

Here, no Meltem, but the Maistros, the Mistral, which blows in July – August, a North-West wind, which appears in the afternoon and disappears at sunset.

An alternative to this route, would be to make the North of Corfu with the small islands of Ereikoussa and othonoi and then if the weather allows it to sail along the West coast of Corfu.

Beware of the phenomena of depressions, which appear quite seldom, with strong blows of the southern wind that suddenly change in a strong gale of the North. A tip well take the weather forecast.


Corfu: the boarding is done in Gouvia, the Marina of Corfu, located 10 minutes from the capital. A large Marina that offers all the necessary services. It is strongly advised to visit the old town of Corfu. You will be definitively taken under the spell of the maze of cobblestone alleys, small shaded squares, the architecture of the facades and the Venetian fortress that dominates the city above the harbor. There is a culture of haute cuisine in the restaurants of the city of Corfu where you will find a wedding of Italian and Greek cuisine.

Sagiada: a small little tourist village has the Albanian border. You will find the quiet to start or finish your holiday by sailboat or catamaran. There is a very well protected harbor from the wind and with muddy bottoms. You will find many fishermen and therefore many tavernas serving fresh fish.

Syvota: three smalls, deserted but very green islands, which are in front of SYVOTA. You will discover small coves and bays away from the noise, but which are filled during the day by tourist boats and by boaters in high season. In SYVOTA, you will find many tavernas, restaurants, cafes, bars and tourist shops.

Parga: this very picturesque commune with its Venetian castle, which gives the impression of being on an island.  It is partially protected from the swell coming from the South and the only Wharf of the port is quickly filled with boats. Fortunately, there is a large Bay behind the Venetian castle for a mooring. But here too pay attention to the swell.

Antipaxos: a small island sparsely populated, very green and with exotic beaches with turquoise waters and white sands. This little corner of paradise is to be avoided in high season, and here also unfortunately there are tourist boats that come to the day. A hint: take refuge in the island, away from the crowds and return to enjoy a quiet night. Beware of the swell because the cove are not very protected.

Paxos: in Paxos you have a choice between Gaios, Lakka, Longos and Mongonissi. All 4 are very charming small villages, offering places with well protected harbors, or mooring. The West side is very wild with its impressive cliffs and spectacular caves.

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