Dare to travel outside tourist attractions
and we guarantee you a complete change of scenery.

One week in the North Dodecanese

Only a small range of sailing boats, catamarans or motorboats are offered from Samos, but it is a route away from the mass tourism, which will completely change your scenery.

We advise you to rent your boat in advance, if not to rent a boat for at least two weeks and embark further South on the island of Kos.

This journey will make you discover the island of Pythagoras, Samos, but also the impressive monastery of Patmos and its magnificent Hora, and of course the wild beauty of the islands of Arkoi, Lipsoi, and Fournoi, and finally the island or failed the famous I care because it approached too close to the sun.  Besides during your holidays, pay attention to the Sun so you don’t catch sunburn.

A road, therefore, of small navigation in General, very beautiful mooring and nice ports or you will meet its warm inhabitants and celebrate with them, their rich traditions and customs.


Even if Samos belongs to the region of the northern Aegean, i.e. the islands of the North East of the Aegean Sea, we propose you to sail South, in the islands of the Dodecanese. Samos is accessible by plane or ferry from Athens. Once you arrive, you will embark, in the village of Pythagorean, next to the ancient port of Pythagorean, named in honor of the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. Enjoy visiting the Eupalinos tunnel, built by Polycrates, a long aqueduct that supplied the ancient capital with water. The remains of the sanctuary of the goddess Hera are also in the vicinity, in the village of Hera ion. It is a large island, very mountainous and green, with beautiful villages and many sights of interest. If you have time, stay there a day or two to visit the Interior and of course taste the famous Muscat of Samos.


An island with no more than 100 inhabitants and four tavernas. But a very well protected Harbor and a wild beauty with secluded bays for an ideal and serene anchorage.


It is an archipelago of small islands and islets, with on the main island a little less than 800 inhabitants, however very warm and with a port and Marina well protected and big enough for fifteen sailboats and catamarans. On this island you will rest, very well eat in the tavernas and go around the island. Because indeed it is a small island. Several coves and bays remain to be discovered for your happiness, and your serenity.


This island owes its fame to the monastery of St. John the Theoloen, a monument listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a place of pilgrimage but not only. The capital is of all beauty, with its white houses and its maze of alleyways and staircases that seem to transport you in another time. The island has a good Marina, in the port of Skala, with all the necessary services. It is an island that hosts several festivals, such as the International Film Festival, IFFP, at the end of July; or the Festival of dance and traditional Greek music in September. There’s some for all tastes.


An archipelago of about 20 Islands and islets between Samos and the island of Icarus. The main occupation of the island is fishing. Recently, the archipelago of the supplied is open to tourism and for boaters, it is a small paradise, with its beautiful landscapes and countless bays and coves, protected from the wind and far from any civilization.


You will probably reach Ikaria by the small port in the South of the island, in Agios Kirikos, even if the port of Evdilos to the North is larger. Near Agios Kirikos, there is the village of Therma, and as the name implies, there are therapeutic hot water baths. It is also worth visiting the inland of Ikaria, to discover its natural beauties, and the village of Hora which is in height.  On this island, we distinguish a lifestyle with a very relaxed rhythm with a gastronomy based on the Mediterranean diet in which the secrets of longevity of the inhabitants of Ikaria would hide. Among others, the local and quality products, the wine of Pramnos associated with the worship of the God Dionysus and the pleasure of gathering around a table. Do not miss the holidays and “panigiria” (masses in honor of patron saints) or we eat, drink and dance until the morning.

Samos Dodecanese


Fourni Dodecanese


Ikaria Dodecanese

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