Sailing in the heart of the Cyclades and the small Cyclades.
You will fall in love with this journey

Louez un bateau au départ de Mykonos ou Paros pour une semaine et partez vers les magnifiques îles grecques de Naxos, Donoussa, Koufonissia, Amorgos, Santorin, et Antiparos.

La navigation au cœur des Cyclades et des petites Cyclades est inoubliable. Vous allez tomber amoureux de ce périple, des lumières et des couleurs saisissantes entre les villages, l'eau et le ciel. Choisissez votre bateau sur mesure en location, accompagné d'un skipper ou non.

Sailing the Cyclades and the lesser Cyclades

1-week itinerary on a yacht cruising the Cyclades and small Cyclades

For this itinerary, charters start from Mykonos, Paros or Syros. The 3 Islands are accessible by plane or by ferry.

During this navigation in the heart of the Cyclades, you will discover places among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. To begin with, the largest island of the Cyclades, Naxos with its delicious local products and customs, the island of Delos, a whole island as an archaeological site, Anorgos and its great blue, the charming small Cyclades and of course Santorini with its impressive cliffs and its volcano.
A trip for a holiday in the Cyclades.


Embarkation can be done in Mykonos, a Marina that has been renovated but could still need some work. From the Marina you can access the very cosmopolitan Hora of Mykonos, by taxi-boat or via the road, by bus or taxi. Once in the alleyways of Mykonos, be careful not to lose yourself, as it is a maze of cobblestone pedestrian lanes, filled with small fashion shops, restaurants, galleries and lively bars. The large Bay of Ornos or other bays South of the island are an alternative to spend a night at anchor.

Delos island

The island of Delos, uninhabited for a long time is now an open-air museum and a place where one feels a certain energy. The whole island is an archaeological site, inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage. Officially it is forbidden to anchor close from the island. In order to visit the island, you need to take a ferry that leaves from the port of Mykonos. You can however anchor on closeby island of Rinia which offers several wind protecting bays.


Arriving at Naxos Island, you can not miss the portara, a large Marble Arch, on the top of a peninsula entering Naxos port. More ancient ruins will be found, inland are the Kouroi, also named the colossus of Dionysos, which are large 10 meters marble statues dating from the archaic period. Take the opportunity to visit the beautiful villages of Naxos and savor the delicious local products, cheeses, tomatoes, potatoes and more.

The small Cyclades

The small Cyclades archipelago is located south of Naxos. Better protected during the Meltemi, these islands are less windy and wavy. Between Ano or Kato koufonissia, donoussa, Schinoussa or iraklia you have the choice to anchor in wonderful bays such as Pori , with its white sand and turquoise waters or moor on small piers of traditional fishing villages. It’s kind of like discovering the Cyclades in miniature.


It is no coincidence that Luc Besson chose this island as a setting for his film ” the Big blue “. In Amorgos, you can choose to moor either at the port of katapola or in aigiali. In any case, one should not miss a visit to the top of the Hora, a typical cycladic village with its citadel and its network of alleys and tavernas serving delicious mézès. Also visit the Panagia Hozoviotissa monastery, built on 8 floors on the cliff side and its breathtaking view of the Grand Bleu. In late July, you can dance and celebrate the Festival of raki, but to drink at your own risk.


If not the most beautiful, Santorini must be the most impressive. Arriving in front of the immense and impressive cliffs of volcanic rocks and crowns of white villages is an unforgettable experience. On the other hand it is difficult to moor or anchor in Santorini. The sea bottom being very deep it is not easy to anchor and the only Marina on the island is full of day trip catamarans or motorboats. The main port of the island is also not allowed for charter boats but intended for ferries and cruise ships. An alternative is to moor on the island of Ios and take a ferry to visit Santorini. As the island is famous for its vineyards, we strongly recommend a wine tasting watching the amazing sunset over the Aegean sea.


In Ios, if you want to party, the Hora or milopotas are crowded with bars and nightclubs rather for young people. Magganari Bay is quite the opposite, a large, almost deserted beach of blinding beauty.


You can moor either in Parikia or in Naoussa, or choose a small Bay protected from the wind. Paros is a lively island, with beautiful beaches, a lively nightlife and pretty typical cycladic villages. You will also find a pretty interesting international community that offers alternative activities of all kinds, such as yoga, scuba diving, windsurfing and much more.

Le Grand Bleu à Amorgos, île grecque du tournage du film de Luc Besson
The great Blue

Le port de Katapola à Amorgos dans les petites Cyclades
Katapola port in Amorgos

Chapelle dans les petites Cyclades
Cycladic church

La portara de Naxos dans les petites Cyclades
Arriving in Naxos

Location de bateau au port de Parikia à Paros
Charter yachts in Paros

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