A peaceful navigation between the mainland and the northern islands of the Aegean.
You will have plenty of time to taste the delicious, fresh and local seafood.

Two week in the Sporades

The yacht charters in the Sporades and especially from Vólos, should be organized early enough, as there are less availabilities of sailboats and especially catamarans.

However, it is a holiday that will completely put you in a relaxed and happy mood. It is a region still not very developed touristicly, except the island of Skiathos, very green where you will sail under a slight breeze up to a moderate wind.

In the Marine Park to the North, to the island of Alonissos, lives the seal Monachus monachus and it is very likely to see one swimming in one of the many deserted bays.

Local food, seafood and fresh fish are advised in this region of Greece.

Vólos: located at the foot of Mount Pelion, vólos is an important port for both commercial boats and pleasure boats. Called at the time Iolkos, it was from here that Jason and the Argonauts began to search for the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology. You can also admire a copy of the ARGO, the famous Argonauts boat, docked at the quay of Vólos. When embarking on Vólos, we advise you to enjoy either the first day or the last, or both, the local cuisine in one of its many tavernas. The specialty is to order mezzes and the tradition in tavernas called “mezedopolia” is to order tsípouro, a typical alcoholic beverage, and which is accompanied by delicious mezès fresh from their choice. Beware of the hangover the next day and take good time to start your journey.

Islet of Palaia Trikeri: the crossing to the village of Agia Kiriaki, or the islet of the ancient trikeri can be quite windy. So, you can start your boat trip with a beautiful navigation, the Pagasitic Gulf being often windy due to the katabatic wind coming from Mount Pelion. It is even possible to admire at the beginning of the season a snowy Summit. You have the choice to moor in front of the islet of Palaia Trikeri or in several bays on the peninsula of magnesia in the Pagasitic Gulf. At the end of the peninsula is the village of Agia Kiriaki which until the years 1970, was only accessible by boat and that is why it retains the typical character of a fisherman village of a Greek island.

Skiathos: the port of Skiathos is often quite crowded, but if you do not find a place in the Harbor, there is always possibility to moor in the Bay well protected. In the city of Skiathos, very cosmopolitan with its many bars, restaurants, tavernas and shops, you will find everything, and it is certainly the liveliest island of Sporades. The island became very famous after filming in the famous Church of Agios Ioannis or was filmed the wedding scene of the film Mamma Mia.

Skópelos: The Bay of Panormos is a few nautical miles from the town of Skiathos. For mooring, it is necessary to lay anchor and 2 ends ashore, or rather a rock, in order to remain parallel with the other boats. A very quiet and very green area where you can relax on the bridge.

Skyros: Skyros is the largest island of Sporades and the furthest. So, you will need a whole day of navigation and good preparation before your departure. Once on site, we advise you to stay there for more than a day and to visit the Castle at the top of the Hora with a view of the Aegean Sea. It is an island with a very good traditional cuisine, but the specialty are lobsters and lobsters, a real delight.

Alonissos: for the navigation of Skyros to the island of Alonissos, you can make a stop on the desert island of Skantzouras. Away from any civilization, prepare yourself for a mooring in a Bay of absolute tranquility under the starry sky. In Alonissos you have the choice between the port of Patitiri or Steni vala. Both are small and charming harbors, where fishermen’s boats and pleasure boats are cutting. Much of the island is in the nature reserve, and so the tuna fishery is made in a sustainable and responsible way. It is therefore advisable to drip into this specialty.

Kira Panagia: the uninhabited island of Kira Panagia and its two very well protected bays of the wind are a meeting place for seals Monachus monachus. A dream anchorage for those who seek peace and serenity.

Skópelos: at the port of Skópelos you can moor on a long dock quite well protected from the wind and with a sandy bottom. The village is very beautiful with its roofs of houses in Slate and its flowered alleys. Also taste the very good specialties with its fresh and local products such as the famous cheese tart and plum.

Skiathos: second stop on the island of Skiathos, where you can stop in the wonderful turquoise water bays in the North of the island. White sand beaches and dazzling transparent waters of beauty. However little protected from the North wind, it is advisable not to spend the night. You can try mooring in the southwest at the Bay of Koukounaries at the sandy bottom with a view over a large beach filled with pine forests.

Oreioi: oreioi is in the North of the Euboea peninsula. You will find a large dock to moor in a very well protected Bay and several tavernas to taste Greek cuisine. It is a quiet village with a sandy beach a few meters from the harbor for a last swim before dropping the moorings and crossing the Pagasitic Gulf and going back to Vólos.

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Mooring in Skiathos in the Sporades


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