A beautiful escape to quiet and green-hilled islands.
Dolphins and the monk seal are happy to live there, you would too.

One week in the islands of the Sporades

This one-week boat trip to the Sporades Islands is a real escape to nature, along Green Islands with turquoise waters. The Sporades archipelago, which comes from the Greek word “Sporos”, i.e. seed, is spread to the North East of the Euboea peninsula in the middle of the Aegean Sea. here, things are simpler, more authentic and pleasant, the halts in deserted coves or the small ports picturesque fishing and their tavernas will prove it to you. North of the Sporades, in the Marine National Park, live, the monk seal, Monachus monachus and several other species of birds as well as dolphins. It is very likely that you will cross it during your holidays in this archipelago.

Skiathos: Skiathos is accessible by ferry from the port of Vólos or by plane. There is an airport on the island, besides very close to the main port, and several airlines offer direct flights during the summer. It is a cosmopolitan village, the liveliest of the Sporades, with its many bars, restaurants, tavernas and shops, and you will find everything for your refueling for your holiday by boat. But also, Skiathos remains a beautiful picturesque village, with its beautiful houses with red roofs and flowered alleys. The Bay of Koukounaries or the islet of Tsougria which are located a few nautical miles from the port offer a possibility for a mooring in turquoise waters and sandy bottom, but only if the weather permits. The monastery of the Annunciation is located at the highest peak of the island but close to the harbor and it is a recommended walk.

Skópelos: it is an island that seduces by its beautiful beaches and coves of sand or pebbles or the vegetation descends to the edge of the water. Pines, olive groves, vines, almond trees cover the hills of this island, which must be one of the greenest of the Aegean Sea. You will find quite easily a place in the port of Hora, on the East side, which will allow you the supply of water, electricity and food. In the North-West of the island you will find the small port of Loutraki, in the village glossa. You can moor at the dock or stay at anchor in the Bay, in any case, get down to shore to stroll in the village and enjoy seafood and fish in one of the tavernas. Further South, there is also the Bay of Panormos, an ideal place for a mooring and to be lulled on the bridge under the chant of the cicadas.

Alonissos: alonissos and its neighboring islands, such as Kira Panagia in the North and Peristera in the East, form a national marine park in which is protected a community of monk seals, as well as different species of birds. Sand and pebble beach’s follow each other on the North Coast and the East Coast, where you will find two fishing harbours, Patitiri and Steni vala. Tuna, calamari and other specialties must be tasted. The Hora is a good twenty minutes’ walk from the port, at the top of the island. For the brave we propose this March which will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Sporades and the picturesque Hora with houses and alleys in stone.

Skyros: it is an island which is in the middle of the Aegean Sea and is quite wild but which will enchant you with its deserted coves with crystal clear waters and its very special character. We advise you to make a boat rental of more than a week in order to be able to enjoy this island, because there is much to discover. The island resembles a large Butterfly with one of the wings concentrating the villages and the other is home to wild goats and the breed of dwarf horses originating from Skyros. If you go there at the beginning of the season, during the Carnival, do not miss the Carnival of Skyros; It is a unique experience that lasts several days in a Dionysian atmosphere.

Kira Panagia: this deserted island, offers two large bays very well sheltered. That of the North, Planitis, which means planet, is difficult to spot, because there is only a small passage to access it. This Bay looks like a Lake, so it’s closed. The Bay of the South is more easily spotted but is also very well protected from the wind. Whatever your choice, you will live moments of profound serenity and meditation. In this place so distant from any civilization, there is only one monastery, inhabited by a single monk. A total and profound change of scenery, of which you will keep wonderful memories. It’s a secret corner that we share with you and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


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