"Sporos" means seed in Greek, so the Sporades are islands sprinkled off
the islands of Evia and the North Aegean Sea.
A part of the Sporades is a Maritime National Park, home for the monk seals.
There are many underwater caves, a refuge for the seals and a delight for scuba divers.
The small quaint fishing ports and the tavernas will clearly make you feel on holidays.



Located at the bottom of the Mount Pelion and on the shores of the Pagasitikos Gulf, Volos is an important port for commercial boats as well as cruise yachts.
It is from Volos, called, at the time, Iolkos, that Jason and the Argonauts set off on the quest for the Golden Fleece.
You can also admire a copy of the Argo, the famous boat of the Argonauts, mooring at the port of Volos.

Volos is a town of 150,000 inhabitants, where you will find everything for supplies.
Not to be missed, the tsipouradika of Volos, where you can enjoy local food and drink their special raki, called Tsipouro.

You can get there by car from Athens or by plane from Nea Anchialos Airport located 30 kilometers away.

Marina of Volos


Skiathos seduces by its small fishing harbors, its many beaches and coves of turquoise water, some very frequented, but others accessible only by boat.
The village of Skiathos is very picturesque with its white houses with red roofs and flowered alleys.
On  summertime, it’s a very lively village!
Skiathos is an island from where you can embark for your cruise in the Cyclades.
A fairly large base but not enough for the many boats of the region, the port is at the moment developing and expanding.
The Hora, at the port of Skiathos, is the most animated and developed among the Sporades.
The island is very green and with several bays or anchorage (for diving rather than spending the night because it is not very protected) is worth it.
The island of Tsougkria, 2 nautical miles South of the port of Skiathos, the beach of Koukounaries in the West, or Lalaria in the North, are anchorages for swimming in crystal clear waters and impressive landscapes that are really worth it.

Mooring in Skiathos in the Sporades


Like its neighbors, Skopelos seduces by its numerous beaches and coves of sand or pebbles where the vegetation descends to the edge of the water. Pines, olive trees, vineyards, almond trees cover the hills.
The village of Skopelos is beautiful. Do not miss the walk to the Venetian fortress with its breathtaking view of the bay.
You will find quite easily a place in the port which allows the supply of water, electricity and food.
In the north of the island, the small port of Loutraki offers some good seafood and fish restaurants.
Not to be missed, the bay of Panormos, on the Southwest of the island, bay that is well protected, green and quiet , where the anchorage requires 2 tips on land.

skopelos sporades


Alonissos and its neighboring islets also form the marine national park where a community of monk seals, as well as different species of birds, are protected. Beaches of sand and pebbles follow one another on the North and the East coast, where you will also find some small fishing ports where you can taste tuna, calamari and other specialties.
The small port of Patitiri at the bottom of Hora, will protect you from the Meltem, but watch out for the swell by winds of the South.
For the bravest, there is a 20-minute walk to the summit, with stunning views of the Sporades and a Hora (capital) with very picturesque houses and stone alleys.
His two nearby islands, Kira Panagia and Peristera, allow you to make a daytime anchor for a swim or even spend the night under the stars and feel completely disoriented.

Sporades Alonissos


A more wild island that will enchant you by its desert coves with crystalline waters, and its very particular character.

The island looks like a large butterfly, one of the wings reassembles the villages and the other, with a more harsh relief, shelters for wild goats and the race of the little horses of Skyros.

Skyros is also famous for its very lively craft traditions and carnival.

To visit Skiros, more distant than the other islands, we advise you to rent a boat for two weeks.


Suggested itineraries in the Sporades

Two week in the Sporades

Two weeks in the Sporades
Departure from Volos

Trikeri, Skiathos, Skopelos, Skyros, Alonissos, ( Kira Panagia ), Skopelos, Evia (Oreoi) and back to Volos’s marina

One week in the islands of the Sporades

One week in the Sporades
Departure from Skiathos

Skopelos, Alonissos, Skyros, Kira Panagia, Skopelos and back to Skiathos’s marina

One week in the Sporades – Evia

One week in the Sporades
Departure from Achillio

Trikeri, Skiathos, Alonissos, Skopelos, Skiathos, Evia (Oreoi) and back to Achillio’s marina

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