Discover the most beautiful islands of the Argosaronic Gulf.
A perfect itinerary for a first navigation in Greece.

One week in the Saronic

This itinerary is perfect for a first time sailing in Greece. An embarkation at Alimos / Kalamaki marina offers several advantages. It has an easy access from the airport and from the center of Athens.

In the Marina and around you will find everything for your provisions. You also have a large choice of yachts, from sail boats, to catamarans and motor yachts.

For a week of sailing we suggest you to sail in the area of ??the Saronic Gulf. The distance between Alimos and the first island of the Cyclades is more than 35 nautical miles. So it is at least 5 hours sailing, and it does not worth it if you sail only one week.

The Islands of the Saronic Gulf are the closest to Athens. Each one has its special characteristics in their landscape, vegetation and architecture. Even if this area is close to the capital, it guarantees a real change of scenery. For navigation, there is always a small thermal breeze for a pleasant sailing and during July and August, the Meltemi is less present.


If you embark early enough, you might have the opportunity to sail the same day towards Aigina island.
You can moor at the main port of Aigina, in Agia Marina in the West or the small fishing port in Perdika, further south. In any case, do not forget to supply the crew with the famous pistachios of Aigina! The temple of Afaia worths a detour on the west side of Aigina. For your information, the temple of Afaia, along with the temple of Poseidon at Sounion and the Parthenon in Athens, form the sacred triangle.

Aigina (Moni):

In front of Perdika, is the small island of Moni, refuge of peacocks, Kri-Kri and deers. It’s a small uninhabited island with a beautiful bay where you can enjoy a nice swim.


The port of Poros is very large. It offers plenty of mooring places and good wind protection from all directions. All along the pier, you will find several tavernas, cafes and bars. Be careful with the canal, stay on the right of the buoys to avoid the bottom.


Any motorized vehicule is formally proscribed into this labyrinth of narrow alleys and stairways. The main port is very small and to moor there, it is necessary to get there very early or you will have to dock in second or third series. Otherwise, you will have to go to Mandraki, at the east of the port, where you can moor in the bay. There is also the possibility of making a stopover at Dokos, an uninhabited island in the west of Hydra.
For the record, Leonard Cohen had bought a house there and spent many summers there.


When arriving at Spetses, you can moor at Baltiza marina in the old port, or at Dapia, where mooring places are few. It is a very green and flowery island. The town imposes itself with the elegance of its architecture, its aristocratic taste, the picturesque charm of its narrow streets with bougainvillea, jasmines and hibiscus. Take a stroll through Dapia (the piers), the old port, the squares and the cobblestoned courtyards. Enjoy the pleasure of a horse-drawn carriage ride. Indeed, cars are banned on the island.

Perdika in Aigina

The Canal in Poros island

Poros Saronic

The harbour in Hydra

Hydra Saronic

Spetses island

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