Mythology and easy living meet each other in these islands.
Sail away and live your myth.

One week in the Ionian Sea

It is a perfect itinerary for coastal navigation, these islands, very close to each other, allow you to sail in serenity and anchor in idyllic bays.

Apart the pleasures of navigation, in this archipelago you can easily encounter sea turtles or dolphins. This region has a humid climate therefore the islands have a quite lush vegetation.

With so many islands, like Ulysses’ myth, you will definitely find your Ithaca.

Embarkation in Lefkas:

Lefkada or Lefkas, is the closest Ionian island to the continent. It is actually connected to the continent with a bridge.
The capital, Lefkada, has a large marina perfectly equipped. You can get all the supplies needed in water, electricity, diesel, food and drinks.
Lefkada has retained a certain charm, with its low houses and zinc roofs as a result of many earthquake disasters.
In the East, in a protected bay, there is the small port of Nidri, facing several green islets, including Skorpios which was the private island of the Onassis family. It is possible to anchor or moor at the dock if there are any available places. A little further south, there is a cluster of small islands such as Arkoudi, Kastos and Meganissi, where you can stop at the small ports of Spartochori and Vathi.


When you hear ‘Ithaca’, you immediately think of Ulysses and the faithful Penelope. Here, the legends will follow you, even if there is no so much trace of it left. However it is a gorgeous island and a lovely halt in the itinerary of the Ionian islands.
The capital, Vathi is a very well protected port from a big natural bay. Vathi is a pretty village, surrounding the bay, where you can walk around and taste the traditional dishes in its numerous tavernas. Another beautiful bay, protected from North – North-West winds, is Kioni, less than 10 miles from Vathi.


It is the largest island of the Ionian with very beautiful and varied landscapes, rich in vegetation and beautiful beaches. The capital, Argostoli, is built in a deep bay very well-protected from the winds.
More to the east, in the bay of Antisamos, you will find stunning beaches with emerald colored water. Agia Efimia, with its pretty harbor and well protected bay will also be a very pleasant stop.
On the Western part, we find Asos, a pretty little port and one of the most beautiful villages of the island. Then, heading north, we arrive at Fiscardo, a magnificent fishing village, very picturesque, perhaps the most beautiful of the Ionian islands. It is also a rather cosmopolitan harbour.
Between Ithaca and Fiscardo you may have the chance to see some dolphins and even Mediterranean seals that live in the caves of the coast.



Lefka’s MarinaMarina Leucade




Fiscardo in Kefalonia

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