The "Eptanisa", meaning in Greek the 7 islands, are spread in the Ionian Sea along the west coast of the mainland.
A fairly wet climate provide them with a lush vegetation. The winds are generally more moderated than in other insular regions making it suitable for beginners.
Because of the long Venetian occupation, the Ionian cities, especially Corfu, combine Greek and Italian elements, making the scenery twice as beautiful.

Ionian Isles


In the north of the Ionian Islands, Corfu is a forested island which has lush vegetation and varied land. It is also distinguished by its picturesque character: indeed, a long Italian occupation has left its traces. In particular, in the capital, you will be charmed by the maze of cobbled streets, shady squares, facades which architecture and colors evoking the old Naples – The old Venetian fortress which dominates the town above the harbor is impressive and it can be a very nice experience to anchor just below, in calm weather.
Corfu has a large Marina ‘GOUVIA’ located 20 minutes by taxi from the airport. This is another port of embarkation. The marina Gouvia is perfectly organized, there are supply stores, technical assistance when needed, cafeteria, showers, restaurants etc.
A disadvantage of the island of Corfu is that there are few protected bays for mooring. However, a few islands in the north of the island, Ereikoussa and Othoni, are more favorable. Opposite, on the mainland, Sibota, a very pretty village in a deep and protected bay and Parga built on a hillside and overlooking a Venetian citadel, are worth seeing.

Naviguez a corfu


In the South of Corfu, it is the Ionian island which is closer to the mainland.

In the north of the island, the capital Levkada has a large and fully equipped marina. A bridge – channel allows the output to the North. The town of Levkada has kept a certain charm, with its low houses and its zinc roofs designed as a result of numerous earthquakes.

In the east in a protected bay we can find the little port of Nidri, facing several islands, very green, including Skorpios that is Onassis family’s private island. We can anchor there. A little further south, we can find a complex of small islands, such as Kalamos, Kastos and Meganissi, or you can stop at the small ports of Spartomori and Vathi.

Marina Leucade


It is the largest of the Ionian islands, separated north – east of Ithaca by a canal.
Beautiful landscapes, very varied, abundant vegetation and beautiful beaches make of it an island of great beauty.
Kefalonia unfortunately had repeatedly suffered from earthquakes. However, the reconstruction has managed largely to respect the character of the island.
The capital, Argostoli, built at the bottom of a deep bay and rounded, is a beautiful site, and a well-protected harbor.
You can also stop at Lixouri, on the western peninsula of Argostoli or in the east, at Sami, second port of the island. Besides, the natural beauty of the site, surrounded by hills, it is also an archaeological and historical site. Further in the east, lies Antisamos bay with its magnificent beach with the colors of emerald waters. Agia Efimia with its pretty harbor and the well-protected bay is also a very pleasant stop.
Bypassing the peninsula, we find Assos, a pretty Port and one of the most beautiful villages of the island. Then, continuing northwards, we arrive at Fiscardo, beautiful fishing village, very picturesque, perhaps the most beautiful of the Ionian islands. It’s also a pretty cosmopolitan marina.
Between Ithaca and Fiscardo you may have the chance to see some Mediterranean seals living in the caves of the coast.
If you head south of the island, it is worth stopping at the port of Poros and go along the surrounding odds whose beaches are beautiful.

Myrto beach Kefalonia


This is the most Southern island of the Ionian. Its capital and its port, Zakynthos, is dominated by a Venetian citadel, untouched by the earthquake that destroyed much of the historic buildings.
Luckily restorations have preserved in part the architectural character of origin. Since the citadel, you can contemplate a beautiful view on the coast.
You should know that Zakynthos is popular among tourists, it is also especially appreciated by the giant tortoises (kareta – kareta) who have chosen it as their favorite spot for spawning. Thus, many beaches are protected shelters for turtles, such as the beach of Gerakas and the small island of Marathonissi.
However, you can stop by the pretty coves …. And you can admire the beautiful beach of Navagio (shipwreck in Greek) with its failed and sanded ship, image that is one of the most famous postcards of Greece. Navagio is with the turtles, the emblem of Zakynthos.

Sail yachts in the Ionian isles


If you mention Ithaca you will think of course about Odysseus and the faithful Penelope. Here, the legend will accompany you, even if  there are no or almost no traces. However, this is a lovely island and a pleasant stop in a tour of the Ionian islands.

The capital, Vathi is also a very well protected harbor at the bottom of a deep bay. Vathi is a large village quite pretty, circling the bay, where you can walk and enjoy traditional dishes in taverns along the water.

Another nice bay, Kioni is located north east of Vathi.



In the South of Corfu, do not miss Paxos and Antipaxos.

At Paxos, we arrive at the port of Gaios, which is also the main city. A long pier borders the town, and there are many taverns.

In the north of Paxos, lies the big bay of Lakka, well protected, allowing the mooring.

It’s also a nice village with welcoming tavernas.

Two other small bays with very friendly villages are recommended: Longos and Mongonissi.




Finally,in the south of Paxos, the little island of Antipaxos, sparsely populated, very green, will seduce you with its exotic beaches with turquoise waters.

These are called the Bahamas of the Ionian Sea!

Nevertheless, avoid mooring, especially at night, or get some information about the weather.


Suggested itineraries in the Ionian Isles

One week in the Ionian Sea

One week in the Ionian Sea
Departure from Lefkas

Meganissi, Kalamos, Kastos, Ithaca, Kefalonia(Ag. Effimia, Fiskardo), Lefkas (Sivota) and back to Lefkas’s marina

One week in the North Ionian Sea

One week in the Ionian Sea
Departure from Corfu

Sagiada, Petriti (Corfu), Sivota, Parga, Antipaxi, Paxi (Gaios), Paxi (Lakka) and back to Corfu’s marina

Two weeks in the Ionian Sea

Two week in the Ionian Sea
Departure from Lefkas

Palairos, Kalamos, Kastos, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Laganas (Zakynthos), Argostoli or Lixouri (Kefalonia), Assos (Kefalonia), Fiskardo (Kefalonia), Nidri (Lefkas) and back to Lefkas’s marina

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