A tour that combines the discovery of picturesque sites,
wild islands and the pleasure of long distance sailing.

Two weeks in the Dodecanese

This two-week tour combines discoveries from picturesque sites, islands of wild beauty and the pleasure of long sailing. A similar circuit could be done with a boat rental in Rhodes or Samos.

You will discover many small islands almost deserted such as Levithas, Pserimos or Arki. You will explore the volcano and still smoking crater of Nissiros, admire the very picturesque and charming port of Symi, as well as the island of Kalymnos for the followers of diving or climbing.

It may be a little long circuit for two weeks, so we propose to rent a boat for more than two weeks to be able to appreciate the beauty of these islands and not to rush you. Otherwise select what is shown on the map, because these islands have a strong historical and cultural interest with strong original traditions.

Astypalée which is not offered on the circuit is also an island that would be very interesting to visit. Old pirate hideout you will find a very large number of bays and protected coves and you will feel yourself as a pirate.

Kos : accessible by ferry or by plane, it is a very gentle relief Island, which offers you spaces with atypical contrasts, such as the castle of the Knights of Rhodes that overlooks the Harbor, the remnants of the Turkish era opposed to the Italian facades, but also the tree of Hippocrates at the shrine of Asklepios. Kos has two marinas, the Marina of Kos, close to the old port, very well organized and with all the necessary services and the small port of Kardamena to the South.

Pserimos: it is a tiny island of 130 inhabitants. In the East and North of the island you will find berries with sandy bottoms for a mooring with as neighbors, other boaters and goats that venture to the beach. A first stop so to get out of the way and escape in beautiful wild landscapes.

Kalimnos : this island is known for the fishing of sponges. This is a less important activity nowadays, but you will still find in Pothia, the capital and the main port of the island, sponge treatment workshops and a Maritime Museum to discover all sorts of equipment that revive the epic of Sponge fishermen. Today, Kalymnos is rather known for climbing tourism. For the fans, enjoy your visit during the international climbing Festival to combine sailing and climbing.

A very nice port will welcome you on the East side of the island in Vathy, in a long and narrow Bay, like a fjord, casted between the steep cliffs and where the tavernas await you. In the North you will find Emborio, in a sheltered bay and or reign calm and simplicity. And finally, in the West you will find the small island of Telendos, which has no more than 30 inhabitants, but where there are many beaches and sheltered bay.

Leros: leros has long remained outside the tourist circuits. But it is also a very carved islands or you will find as well in the East, in the West or North as in the South, large bays well protected from the wind. It is very nice to wander in the Hora, with its alleys lined with white and blue houses or to wander the top of Platanos, where stands the Kastro, the old Byzantine fortress. An island with a big choice of ports, bays and coves to anchor and moor.

Lipsi: it is an archipelago of small islands and islets, with on the main island a little less than 800 inhabitants. But very warm and with a port and Marina well protected and big enough for fifteen sailboats and catamarans. Several coves and bays remain to be discovered for your happiness, and your serenity.

Arki: an island with no more than 100 inhabitants and four tavernas. But a very well protected Harbor and a wild beauty with berries for a quiet and ideal anchorage.

Patmos: this island owes its fame to the monastery of St. John the Theoloen, a monument listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The capital is of all beauty, with its white houses and its maze of alleyways and staircases that seem to transport you in another time. It is an island that hosts several festivals and Festival, such as the International Film Festival, IFFP, at the end of July; or the Festival of dance and traditional Greek music in September.

Levithas: an island, a family, a tavern, a unique experience. This small island, right in the middle of the Aegean Sea, offers a well-protected Bay of Meltem. The island’s only family will welcome you warmly and prepare a delicious dish from one of the many goats or climb that inhabit the island. A great place to meet other boaters and celebrate the joy of sailing and the secrets of the Greek Islands.

Nissiros: two are the small ports to moor you, in Mandraki, the main village very picturesque but not very well protected from the swell and wind; and the port of Pali, quieter and better protected from the weather. A ballad at the top of the island is recommended to be able to admire the crater and the volcano of a certain height.

Tilos: the strange form of TILOS evokes a seahorse. You will find large bays that are quite protected from the wind for a mooring. But you can also Moor in the port of Livadia with its authentic Greek tavernas.  It is interesting to visit the capital, Megalo Horion, where you will find the archaeological and paleontological museum exposing the bones of dwarf elephants, living on the island during prehistoric times, when the island was attached to Asia minor.

Chalki: after experiencing prosperity through the sponge trade, it has experienced a long decline. But fortunately, some of the locals return and restore their beautiful home always respecting the traditional neo-classical architecture. For boaters we offer Alimia, an uninhabited islet between Halki and Rhodes, very well protected from the Meltem and away from the crowds.

Simi: it is a beautiful little island, just 5 nautical miles from the Turkish coast. Its main village and the Gialos port built on the mountainside, with its restored neo-classical houses, with pastel shades, compete with elegance. A few tavernas on the docks offer a very pleasant stopover. A very beautiful and very quiet island.

Pserimos Dodecanese

Kalymnos Vathi Dodecanese

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Patmos Dodecanese

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