A voyage of discovery, a real Odyssey.
This trip allows you to discover the pearls and treasures of the Aegean Sea.

Two weeks in the Cyclades


Lavrio is around 30 minutes driving from the Athens Airport. If embarkation starts early enough, you might have the opportunity to sail the same day towards the island of Kea. Another great discovery is to go visit the temple of Poseidon over the bay of Sounio.
In Lavrio you will find everything, from supermarkets, to grocery store, butcher, a fish market, etc …so you can start your journey organized and with all the provisions needed.


A quiet island with arid landscapes outside the main tourist attractions. It is mainly famous for its hot springs, in Loutra. Yet, and especially for yacht charterers, Kythnos hides many charms: several sandy beaches, often only accessible by boats.
Hora, the capital is a typical Cycladic village where you will enjoy a pleasant stroll. In the small port in Merihas, enjoyed by sailors, you can try some excellent seafood and fish. This island has the reputation of an island where you eat well. Finally, do not miss an excursion to the beautiful village of Driopida.


Sifnos, is a typical island of the Cyclades and concentrates all the characteristics and charms. An arid and austere landscape, with sun kissed olive trees and vineyards, white villages, blue domes of churches, windmills, numerous chapels, Byzantine monasteries, Venetian fortresses, and some very beautiful beaches.
All those qualities make Sifnos a very frequented island during summer, but it manages to keep its authentic character. Moreover, it has a famous reputation for its gastronomy which is a big asset for the visitors.


Paros is a developed and powerful island since ages, thanks to its wealthy olive groves, vineyards and its famous white marble with an incomparable purity. The Venus of Milos, the victory of Samothrace, frescos of the Parthenon, and other masterpieces were sculpted in marble of this island.
Its wonderful beaches, landscapes and villages seduce all the visitors. Paros is furthermore one of the most visited islands.
In Parikia there is a little port, where you can embark for your sailing holidays. Parikia gathers all the charms of a Cycladic village, with its labyrinth of cobble streets, its arches, its Venetian Castle, and the traditional white and blue color which dominate everywhere. Naoussa, another village, has an undeniable charm where you can enjoy fresh fishes on the seaside.


Santorini is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean sea, and in any case the most impressive. The arrival on the coast of the island, facing immense cliffs with all the colors of volcanic rocks and crowned with white villages is an unforgettable experience. According to Plato, it is in Santorini that Atlantis, the mythical city, should be located. However, to moor in Santorini is very complicated due to some limited available places in the marina of Vlihada, and because of the extreme depths around the Caldera. However, we have some tips if you plan to sail around this island.


Milos certainly presents a unique geological interest with its landscape of volcanic origin. Since ages, mines have been exploited for its minerals, like obsidian. Deep into the Gulf of Milos, in the port of Adamas, there is the mine museum that worth’s the visit.
In the North of Adamas, you will find the charming village of Plaka; there is a beautiful archaeological museum where you can admire beautiful Cycladic statuettes, and a copy of the famous Venus of Milos (based in the Louvre).
For a guaranteed change of scenery, you can sail north-east from the island, to the nearby islands of Kimolos or Poliaigos. The cliffs are really impressive.


It is one of the smallest islands of the Cyclades, and also one of the most austere, due to its mountainous arid landscape and cliffs. Its two major assets are the wonderful Hora, one of the most beautiful Cycladic villages, built around a citadel where the view of the sea is beautiful, and its amazing beaches with crystal clear waters. Those beaches are accessible only for sailors and their yachts. Like for example, the bays of Katergo, Agkali (very well protected from the wind) and the creek of Fira.


Ios is the typical image of the Cycladic landscape: arid hills, whitewashed and bright villages, windmills and picturesque labyrinth of cobblestone alleys. What makes Ios famous? It pretends to shelter the tomb of Homer, in the north of the island. But most of all, it has become famous for its intense nightlife activity, which attracts many young tourists during summer.
But if you do not like the noise, you will avoid lingering at the port of Gialos, Hora and its surroundings. On the other hand, you will be conquered by the beautiful beaches of the South part, some of which are only accessible if you charter a yacht.


Syros is a unique island. Its outstanding identity can be seen in the contrasts of nature, with the northern part, steep and wild, and the southern part, with a milder landscape, small coves and beautiful beaches.
In Ermoúpolis, there are two cathedrals, on the top of two hills that symbolize two communities. On Ano Syros, the Catholic Cathedral, and to its left, on the hill of Anastasi, the Orthodox Cathedral. The beautiful neoclassical houses in ochre and pastel colors and the shipyard still testify to this glorious pass when Syros was commercial and intellectual capital of Greece. Two harbors can accommodate yacht charterers: the main port of Ermoúpolis where you can dock at the pier, and the port of Finikas, in the South East of the island: it is well protected and allows docking and mooring. There are all the necessary supplies, fuel, water, food, etc. As well as taverns and cafes.

Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon

Serifos island

Paros little harbour – Cyclades

The Caldera of Santorini

The windmills of Mykonos

The archeological island of Delos – Cyclades

The capital of the Cyclades, Ermoupolis, on the island of Syros

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