Hoist the sails and meet the God Aeolus.
This itinerary recommended only for the brave,
offers you the opportunity to visit the archeological site of Delos.

One week in the Cyclades

One week in the Cyclades

The Island on the North of the Cyclades, Andros, Tinos and Mykonos are famous for being the most windy islands of the Aegean Sea.

This itinerary is advised for experienced sailors, especially during July or August, when the Meltemi wind blows the most.

The passage between Andros and the island of Euboea, Cape Kafireas, known as the Cavo d’Oro, is considered as the most dangerous navigation area of the Aegean Sea.
It is one of the few places in the Mediterranean where there is a current.
However, those who will venture in this region will have the chance to discover beautiful islands,  typical of the Cyclades  and will experience very strong moments.

For newbies, sailing during the months of May/June or September/October are advised, as well as the help of a professional skipper.

Embarking in Lavrio :

If the embarkation happens early enough, you might have the opportunity to sail on the first day towards Kea Island.

Kea (Tzia) :

Kea owes his name to Keos, son of Apollo. Many vestiges still testify to its ancient civilization, especially at the site of Agia Irini.
You can moor in the port of Vourkari or at the beautiful and peaceful bay of Otzias, perfect to disconnect you from the routine of the city. There are a plenty of tavernas with delicious seafood, you should definitely try it.

Andros :

An island that amazes you with its uniqueness and its contrasts, sometimes arid and mountainous, sometimes covered with lush vegetation and irrigated by numerous springs.
A large area of the island belongs to the natural park called Natura, a shelter for eagles, falcons and other protected species.
The main port for the ferries is Gavrio, but sailing yachts can also moor in the smaller port of Batsi, (a lovely village), and enjoy a drink or some delicious food in one of the many tavernas lined up along the pier.
Mooring in the port of Batsi is not advised in case of strong Northern winds.
For hiking devotees, the islands is full with trails throughout the island.
For more information about hiking, contact Andros Routes.


From the pier of Tinos, follow the main road that leads directly to the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin (Panagia). This basilica with its miraculous icon is a holy place where thousands of pilgrims visit every year.  However, Tinos is much more than that, and the interior of the island hides some of the most beautiful villages of the Cyclades. Surrounded by hills with around 750 scattered Catholic and Orthodox chapels, pigeonhouses with a very elaborate architecture, dating from the Venetian occupation of the 18th century.


Mykonos has a really solid reputation. Actually, it’s an island with exceptional natural beauty, with beautiful beaches of white sand and crystal clear water like those at Diakofto Peninsula, Megali Ammos, Paradise, Superparadise, etc … but if you prefer calmer beaches, you should go in Panormos or Agios Sostis.

No one remains indifferent to the charm of the village of Mykonos. Hora, the capital, is extremely picturesque. You should definitely go for a stroll through the narrow cobble streets, visit the little Venice, the Old Port, the Kato Mili (the WindMills), and the cathedral with its red dome. But it is also a bustling cosmopolitan island, with a vibrant nightlife, where you can meet many international celebrities as well as a big part of the homosexual community. Unfortunately this intense touristic development has damaged the natural beauty of the island.


Of course after partying in Mykonos, the best cure is a visit to the archaeological island of Delos. The whole island is an archaeological site and for this reason it is forbidden to moor closeby. However, you can spend the night on your sailboat in a bay of the uninhabited island of Rinia, just nearby, which will offer you a true feeling of freedom and a beautiful starry sky.


A stop into the capital of the Cyclades, Ermoupoli, is necessary to admire the beautiful architecture and walk in its pedestrian alleys. In the South West you can dock in Finikas, a small fishing village of Syros. You will find everything on this island for you or your boat.


On the east side of Kithnos, at Loutra, after mooring, you can relax in the thermal springs in a natural spa.  On the west side, you can choose between the small port of Merichas or anchor at the beautiful bay of Kolona. People are very hospitable on the island.


For the last sailing back to the marina of Lavrio, if you start early enough in the morning, you may have time for a swim at the bay of Sounio, under the temple of Poseidon.


Batsi – Andros

Voile a Andros




Kolona bay in Kythnos

Kolona beach in Kythnos

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