Working with the Research Center of Andros – Andros Routes

During summer, VoiliVoilou’s team, along with friends, family and several volunteers gathered to recondition an old hiking trail in the region of Aprovato, south-west of Andros island in the Cycladic archipelago.


While most of the people were getting drunk with ouzo or sunbathing on a yacht, we joined forces and got to work with shears, pickaxes and machetes under the burning Greek sun and the whipping winds of the Meltemi.

As a first step, we carried out a scouting mission to inspect the terrain and trace the trail.

The hiking trail that we decided to clean and restore, is a circular trail of around 5 kilometers long that connects with the main path of Andros Routes which crosses the whole island from North to South.

After this long day of work, we were rewarded with fresh figs directly from the tree and refreshed from the cool water of numerous streams.

Of course, all this would have never happened without the help and supervision of Olga Karagiannis, the founder of the Andros Research Center, and her team.

This organisation, established in 2009, is devoted to research and actions to protect and promote the environment and culture of Andros.

We are very pleased and proud to collaborate with them in this sustainable development project.
All those who sail to Andros will discover through this effort the authentic side of life on the Greek islands.

It is definitely the ideal way to discover the interior of the island. Whether you have chartered a sailboat or catamaran, after a long sailing, enter the heart of the island and Andros will reveal its most hidden secrets.

For more information, visit their website here.

Andros is one of the greenest islands of the Cyclades where you can find many streams and waterfalls.

On your way you will encounter herds of goats and sheeps, donkeys and some very curious horses.

Working in the wilderness makes you happy!

We have already made a great progress in cleaning the path, our next step will be to mark the trail with marks and signs for hikers. We will keep you posted !

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